A digital & motion design advertising studio in Beijing, founded in 2007.


In the power of great idea that inspires discussion and drives participation, which also unifies different communication touch points to enhance the brand consumer experience, for what is memorable and sustainable.

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  • Creative

    Strong creative leadership

  • Production

    Pioneering technical talents and capability

  • Cases

    Awards winning case studies

  • Service

    Flexible and accommodating service mentality

Our Clients


Digital Production
Interactive Campaign
Motion Video
New Media
  • Interactive Campaign

    We measure the digital campaign success with a strong idea that drives participation and creates the conversation and experience between the brand and consumer. We have lot different cases that have helped address clients' various marketing needs. Our strength is in both digital communication strategy and creativity.

  • Digital Production

    We think a successful digital platform does not only have the perfect design and user interface, the execution details matters just as much. Our mission is to create a perfect balance in front end user experience and the back end functionality. With our strong digital design and execution resources, we have helped our partner brands achieve great success with their digital websites, mobile sites, application etc.

  • Motion Video

    We are specialized in design and produce motion videos for different client needs. Case study motion video is proven to be an effective advertising tool to demonstrate the client marketing proposals and showcase their hero products in a more dynamic and engaging approach for example. Our success does not only came from strong creative idea and unique visual expressions, at the same time, we have developed flexible production techniques to achieve cost efficiency.

  • New Media

    The future advertising is filled with multiple platforms. We have a well-established new media application team with industry well known talents. With a strong capability in mobile application development and various digital installations, we are now continuously exploring and investing in the new ways of digital communication possibilities.


Studio LPI

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Garage 1# Jingyuan arts center no.3 Guangqu road,Chaoyang Distinct, Beijing

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