Can I Get You A Cup Of Coffee?

Digital Campaign

The highly development of social network makes it easier to communicate with friends. By contrast, cold words and sentences create a wall between people. It is a great idea that you play a small online game and gives you an opportunity to buy your friend a cup of coffee. LPI helped Tencent QQ to bring this idea to alive. Worked with Tencent QQ and COSTA, this mini-site came online during the Christmas in 2014.


新年之际,手机 QQ 与 COSTA 合作,特别策划了“50000 杯咖啡送给你”活动。进入移动端活动网站,你只需要将咖啡倒满,就可以将一杯温暖的咖啡通过 QQ 送到朋友手中,而朋友更可以在有趣的交互中一口将咖啡喝掉。接下来,就要看运气啦,如果喝出普通的印花,到 COSTA 出示页面就可以免费兑换一杯咖啡啦!千里之外,如此地传情达意,感觉很吊的样子!还有还有,如果喝出金色印花,更可以在 COSTA 门店兑换合作款限量版咖啡杯,太赞了有没有!(本人努力喝金印花中…)


Client: Tencent