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UNICEF "10m2" campaign dedicates to help young mother find feeding rooms nearby when need. Any institution or organization could join the campaign and build up an authorized feeding room by UNICEF. With the campaign site people get to learn this campaign and join it. Authorized feeding room continuously been published within the website and mobile phone app. We are proud to be part of this project and hope there will be more and more feeding room comes in all around China.

由联合国儿童基金会 (UNICEF) 发起的“母爱10平方”活动,致力于为更多选择母乳喂养的妈妈和家庭提供支持。活动中,任何机构以及组织都可以成为“母爱10平方”的一员,设立或认证由 UNICEF 官方认可的母乳喂养室。 活动发起前期,通过活动网站,更多机构和个人了解并加入到”母爱10平方”活动中。时至今日,获得认证的母乳喂养室仍持续不间断地实时展示在活动网站中。 活动手机 App 也同期上线,全国的“母爱10平方”母乳喂养室在这里得以整合,也真正方便了哺乳期妈妈寻找出离自己最近的“母爱10平方”哺乳室。

Client: Unicef

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