Willow Mobile App Platform

New Media

We are delighted to be a part of the Willow Mobile App producing process. It is not simply an e-Commerce app, it is more like a platform integrated different fashion elements together. In the Willow App, you can check, collect, share or purchase instantly any fancy stuff you like.

毫无疑问,国内需要更多这样的精品时尚购物平台。很荣幸我们参与到Willow的前期以及制作过程中!母品牌the house of Willow,专营古董首饰,而Willow,则更加多元化,它不仅仅是一款移动端电商应用,它更是一个平台,整合时尚相关的众多元素!在Willow中,翻阅、收藏和分享不同的产品或作品,将成为用户做的最多的事。

Client: Willow